Thursday, October 29, 2015

Some recent press in my new hometown

It's been a while since I've been to the blog myself, because even though I think a lot about trash, recycling, and materialism; and even though I am still deeply influenced by the project, I haven't been living completely the way I did in Ann Arbor.  Well, all of that changed pretty much overnight because a piece of mine--All my trash for a year fit into two plastic bags. Here’s how I did it.-- describing my experiences just got published in the Washington Post, which has given me a whole lot of food for thought. I can do more to live up to what I was doing in Ann Arbor.  Or, perhaps, I start a new project to minimize entropy.

Thoughts?  Ideas?


  1. I admire your efforts, and yes, you should keep going. Now that you have settled in a bit better you can try to find some farmers markets.

    You are still in a good position while living alone to do things the way you'd like them done. If it's a multi-person household it's much harder to convince others.

    But we should also lobby for zero-waste grocery stores! That's where the bulk of my trash comes from, unfortunately, even though I try my best to select minimal or recyclable packaging.

  2. Keep going, I'm in need of comaraderie and moral support for my "outlier" beliefs and convictions which are very similar to yours, and I suspect many others are too.

  3. Hi Darshan,
    I enjoyed your article in the Post this morning. Welcome to the DC Metro Area or DMV as they call it now. I'm in Maryland and luckily have space to compost, which is one of my most satisfying tasks (I love making dirt!) If you are not able to compost, there is a company that will pick up your clippings to compost and bring you dirt if you want. There are also great farmers markets around. I get most of my groceries from Central Farm Markets in Bethesda and Rockville, but you can markets all around the area. Maryland and Virginia have lots of rural areas so there is no shortage of local produce, eggs, meats. All the best- Laurie, Bethesda

  4. Keep it up! Your Washington Post article has inspired me to take hard look at how I can reduce consumption and minimize entropy. Hopefully this can become something larger so we can challenge market forces that promote needless consumption. All the best from Cincinnati.

  5. My brother, who lives in DC, sent me your wapo article. Well done. Here's some unoriginal feedback I sent to my brother.

    1. Of course, what he does isn't resource neutral, e.g., it requires resources to wash cups and to read a newspaper online, rather than hard copy.

    2. Eating animal based foods, such as dairy, is very wasteful, because for every kg or cup of food the animals produce, they need to consume many kgs or cups of food and water.

    3. I was glad to see that he included recycling as something to avoid.

    4. The part of the article about communicating with others was especially interesting.

    thx again --george (at)

  6. This is great! I'm commencing my decade-long journey to try to hit a carbon-negative lifestyle, and this is one very, very important piece. I've linked to both the WaPo story and your blog. Keep it up!

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