Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Constant vigilance

I realised I may have fallen into a "slump" with this reduced trash business - I don't think I have been as vigilant as I was when I started out about demanding and asking and knowing that no trash (at least, in front of my eyes) be produced by others around me, when they somehow are involved in my experiences at places. Examples - 1) Going to BTB, ordering a chimichanga, and asking for hot sauce, assuming that they would put the hot sauce inside of the chimichanga. No, they served it in a little plastic container alongside it. 2) Going to get a burger at Sidetracks and realising that they give burgers with these little, annoying tootpicks that stick through the burger, which generally have very little utility.

In the larger scheme of things, however, I think this is a very important lesson. Unless you are steadfast and vigilant about something, whatever it is, people will try to either convince you otherwise, or you will subconciously compromise your ethics, morals and principles regarding that issue. In the end, compromising will have eaten away at all that you've strived for. I am not saying that there is no room for "compromising" in life. But for what is essential and dear to us, compromising is tantamount failure. How much are we willing to compromise to "lessen impact" on our birds, amphibians, flowers, trees and water? No compromises. I can do more, and I must.

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  1. Truly inspiring, dude. These types of lessons are the pure self-defining discoveries that make this type of endeavor so enriching.

    Have so many more questions about this topic with you...but I guess it can wait until tonight. :)