Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A different view

My last post was about spoiling untarnished landscapes with our trash. Here are some thoughts from Lydia, about a landscape just miles away from Xidatan:

"It's really amazing to see how some people live, in other countries, with different lifestyles, and perhaps even different views on life. I know that the people in Northern China are, for the most part, very poor, and while many of them don't pay attention to the impact they have on their own surroundings, you can tell that some really do care about how beautiful the unspoiled landscape is. I'm sending another picture to you, this one taken mere kilometers away from Xidatan. It's from the Dongdatan Valley, where I didn't see a single piece of trash. You can see the yurt and tent where people live. All of Northern China has the potential to be so beautiful. The people who live there (mostly sheepherders/yak herders) clearly have access to the plastic bottled sodas and whatnot sold in Xidatan. The contrast between these two locations lies only in how the people who live there treat their landscape."


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