99 is not 100

99 is not 100 (inspired by a quote from the documentary Waste Land) is a website that was put together by Professor Victoria Johnson (from the Organisational Studies Programme here at the University of Michigan) and students from her class, Organizations & the Natural Environment, last semester. Professor Johnson and twelve UM undergrads decided to devote their final project to studying my lifestyle and the broader environmental and organizational context of an individual’s decisions.

The students' final papers, spanning the scales of individual action to large organisations, on the topics of culture, garbage, waste, and technology, are available on the website, along with snippets of interviews they conducted at my home. I thank everyone immensely for their hard and good work.

Students: Adam Baker, Catherine Baxter, Caroline Canning, Nicholas Cormier, Sonali Devarajan, Josh Corey Kappel, Patrick Leonard, Julia Petty, Neal Sangal, Cristine Santanna, Samantha Schwartz, Juleah Szopo