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Several themes have emerged in my posts so far, and various posts merge ideas from more than one theme. Maybe you're interested in ethics, maybe in social movements. I will try to group my posts into theme buckets to help you navigate what I've (and guest bloggers) written so far. I might put a post into two or more buckets if there is overlap. I am sure I haven't divided these up correctly, because of the significant overlap between themes. Everything is connected.

Problem definition, language, analysis and solutions

Responsibility, behaviour, introspection and action

Culture, values, social constructs and human nature

Limits, knowledge, and complexity

Ethics, law, philosophy, and justice 

Economy, economics, choice, and consumption

The nature of trash and waste, analogies, and comparisons

Trash here and around the world

Climate change, ethics and morality

"Developing", "development", "sustainable development", "industrialized", "industrializing"

Poverty, inequality, and living on $2 per day


Money - an exploration

Objects and materials 

Peace, war, violence, and the environment

Science and technology

Food and human health

FRACK YOU - a series on hydraulic fracturing

The Keystone XL pipeline

Sustainable neighbourhoods in Detroit

Traveling at home

Reflections on the year


Guest blogs