Sunday, February 27, 2011

Four weeks left, yet a lifetime still ahead

It is coming up on eleven months since this project has started, and since I have started writing about my thoughts through the lens offered by trash, waste and degradation. Of course, the project and experiment will not stop, even though at the onset I decided to do this for a year. Yet change is meaningful if it is durable, and I can in no way justify to myself or the environment behaving in the way I did previously, even though the "old me" was not that much different. =) I do think though, that thinking daily and writing almost daily about sustainability and the issues presented by natural resource extraction has made me think of things I never thought of, and I hope at least a few of my thoughts have been coherent enough for people to read. But now, in the build up to the one year anniversary, I am hoping to get your input on things you'd like me to write about. Here are some things I am thinking of writing about...
  • Spotlight some key events that have happened over the past year
  • Spotlight five pieces of the trash I have generated, and recount the stories of those experiences
  • Reflect on some of the posts that I think have been most meaningful to me
  • Boil down a year's worth of thinking and update the Tips and Recommendations page
  • Shortcomings and criticisms of the project
I am hoping that you will email me with your thoughts about your thoughts about the project, its scope and its shortcoming. I am hoping you might also consider being a guest blogger. The blog will absolutely not be ending, and I think that for a while to come, it will be focused on issues raised over the past months.

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