Monday, January 23, 2012

Traveling at home: The Huron River

It has been a while since I have traveled at home, in most part because I have actually been on the road several times in the past few months. But the road has made me miss home. I have not directed my attention to the place that I live in for months now, and something thus feels amiss.

Home is not just the physical shelter we live in. Rather, it is comprised of places and spaces, many of which we go to to focus on the biophysical world we live in, rather than on the incessant thoughts that consume much of our energy. These are places of comfort, of meditation. The Huron River, which flows just a hundred yards from where I live, is that space for me. Here are some sights and sounds that I captured on my last visit to the river.

Water hitting the ice on the river's edge

Flocks of geese

This river has also inspired Collin to make this spectacular animation.

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  1. That river looks like a peaceful place to hang out. You do not have to travel that far to enjoy private times of solitude.