Friday, July 2, 2010

Decisions and "Solutions"

The factors influencing traditional decision-making have been narrow
and focused - will a particular policy create jobs? will the use
particular pesticide get rid of a particular disease? What have not
been considered, however, are the many influences individual decisions
and policies have on aspects of our world we thought were disconnected
from that particular issue. We must recognize that we cannot make a
decision in isolation. Our decisions will continue to influence a
complex and intricate web of factors. We cannot think of using
alternative fuels as solving a singular "energy issue." We must think
about how the use of alternative fuel will change landscapes,
communities, and ecosystems. Brazenly cutting down rain forests to
plant palm oil trees is not a solution to the energy problem. It
itself is a problem-creating solution. One thing we must also
recognize is the limitation of the human mind and ability to forecast
the problems that will necessarily arise from any solution we propose.

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