Sunday, July 25, 2010

Food packaging and trash

"For 365 days, every time Tim Gaudreau threw something away he photographed it...Everything photographed was his average, daily consumption. And most of it was food packaging (emphasis added)."

As I mentioned a while ago, I quickly realised, after starting the no trash-ness, that most of the trash I generated came from food packaging. As I also mentioned, the People's Food Coop and the Farmer's Market has been instrumental in allowing me to live trash-free. Another way to go trash free is to just grow your own food. I am most glad to say that the bumper harvest from Krista and my little farm yesterday has greatly contributed to my project. Take a look! Arugula, lettuce, radicchio, jalapeno, habanero, serrano, thai basil, sweet basil, and lemon basil...

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  1. One day my Mom read an article in a newspaper about a floating island of plastic in the ocean that was twice the size of Texas! She was so upset that she decided not to buy any groceries wrapped in plastic. At first it was a challenge, but now it is completely normal for our family. I just want to emphasize that reducing food packaging waste is really easy in a progressive place like Ann Arbor. Like recycling, all it takes is consciousness!