Friday, December 31, 2010

Guest blog #9: Adrianna's back with ideas for parties tonight!

"Every year around December-January, the holidays and New Year roll around again, spurring invitations to a handful of festive and colorful soirees, gatherings and celebrations. If you are the lucky hostess of such an elaborate event, I have compiled a list of limited waste décor.

  • Limit or eliminate plastic ware at the party, if plastic or paper cups are to be present, be sure to have every guest use different colored paint pens to creatively decorate their name on the side of the cup, so they can be entitled to their cup the entire evening
  • Use cloth napkins rather than paper napkins, even using saved pieces of ribbon to hold utensils and cloth napkins together, giving your table an eclectic and modern mismatched feel
  • Old jam or jelly jars as drinking glasses- guests will be impressed with your witty recycling trick; these jars can also be used to hold tea candles to line walkways or stairs for party decorations
  • Make homemade confetti with pieces of used colorful wrapping paper, simply shred and throw
  • Wrap presents with colorful magazine advertisements, the comics page in the newspaper, maps or brochures
  • Save wrapping paper, and old books for box stuffing, when wrapping delicate pieces, simply run recycled paper products through a shredder and use as box stuffing rather than throwing away!
Enjoy your holidays with limited waste! Celebrate 2011 with a clear conscious intact (along with stylish décor)."



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