Thursday, December 9, 2010

Institutionalising zero-waste at UM

It started last year, with a zero-waste (almost) tailgate for two thousand alumni. The Student Sustainability Initiative (thinking about you Melissa!), the Alumni Association and a dedicated group of volunteers helped divert more than 500 pounds of trash from going to the landfill, by sourcing compostable materials for the tailgate and sending the compost to Tuthill Farms near Brighton, MI.

The next step was a zero-waste (again, almost) basketball game (Michigan vs. Michigan of the East, a.k.a Harvard), which took place this past weekend. A fully-attended basketball game results in more than 2000 pounds of trash - this one resulted in 137 pounds (granted Crisler Arena was half full...but still). Congratulations to the Student Sustainability Initiative. =)

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